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Looking for some Bonus Magic? 

To get the bonus scene that shows exactly how Arlon, Bridgette, and Garrett finish Dom’s punishment after Divine Retribution, click the button below! 

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Writer of kinky, queer, erotic epic fantasy


Alethea Faust is a writer of kinky, queer, erotic epic fantasy. Things you can expect to find in their works are risk-aware consensual kink, hard BDSM, non-toxic masculinity, kind and emotionally mature adults, and a lot of butt stuff. 


Their debut novel Initiation is the first in the epic Sex Wizards series set in a sex-positive, magical world. The book contains a kink-based magic system and a cast of pansexual, polyamorous, fantasy race, nonbinary, gender non-conforming and intersex characters. 

When they're not writing, Alethea can be found with their nose buried in a book or roaming the wilds of their state with their mustang and their adventure-loving Pomeranian. 


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Magic is a rare gift, and with two masteries on his sleeve, Dominai finally feels like he’s getting a grasp of it. With his confidence in his own abilities increasing every day, Dom feels ready to tackle his first official assignment. If Arlon would ever give him one, that is.

But the Grandmaster is keeping his wizards close at hand, and not just because rumors about Olbric’s personal life have started leaking out of the Crux’s walls and into the new Cairish ambassador’s ears. Fear and mistrust of magic and the people who create it has started to circulate through Straetham, adding to the tension that already lays thick over the city in the aftermath of the attack on the town square.

Yet Olbric and Dom have an idea that might help restore the common people’s confidence in the Crux: a tournament. A display of magic and skill to show the people of Straetham who is working to safeguard the kingdom from the threat of Diran Barclay and his rogue wizards.

And when Dominai offers himself up as the prize to the winner, the game is on.

The third book of Alethea Faust’s epic Sex Wizards series, Championship delivers risk-aware consensual kink, new rivalries, growing political tensions, and a whole lot of butt stuff.

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Jenna had planned a trip of a lifetime for her and her boyfriend Travis. An opportunity to hike through northern Finland, witness the midnight sun during the summer solstice, f*ck like rabbits, and hopefully salvage their struggling relationship. But when Travis invites some of his friends without even telling her, the disappointments begin to pile on. Fed up and unsatisfied, Jenna turns to a midsummer ritual for guidance on finding her one true love. One that leads her away from the human midsummer festivities and into a fey celebration full of danger, magic, and just possibly, her one true love — a bearwoman?!

Midsummer originally appeared in the F*ck the Patriarchy anthology under its original name Midsommar, but Sexy, and is now being released as a standalone novella! 

A half-orc exiled.

A girl sold to pay her father’s debt.

After the results of an honor duel, Garret leaves his clan to escape his guilt only to face the cruelty of humans in the mountain city of Frostcliff. He finds unexpected employment as security for the city’s high-end brothel, and the even more unexpected company of Bridgette, the brothel’s resident star.

Magic is a rare gift that only exists in the bloodlines of the rich and royal, and yet the unlikely pair find the spark between them even as the humans of Frostcliff attempt to snuff it out.

Starshine is a novella set in the Sex Wizards universe. It follows the story of Bridgette and Garret before they discovered their magic and came to the Crux. It can be read standalone but is best enjoyed after book two of the Sex Wizards series.


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